Life in a time of crisis

When we watch today’s news or read the newspaper or scan the e-mails that sail into our mailboxes minutes apart, it often seems as if the world is falling apart around us. There are wars and rumors of wars and murders and deaths and poverty and hate all demanding our attention. And yet through it all we continue to live our everyday lives. We go to work hoping there’s enough gas in the tank. We pick up the children after school and ferry them home. We do our shopping and our wash and put our feet up to watch TV when we are too tired to do anything else. We do what people do. We take care of the small things. We push on.

The people of the Civil War era did the same thing. They lived their lives despite the horror of war.  In this blog I will be contemplating these lives, so different and yet so similar to ours, through first hand documents, books, and materials published during this period.


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    1. I am just getting started on this, and I am glad you like my premise. I wanted to do something different about the period from what most of the usual Civil War sites publish. I will be working from original documents as much as possible.


  1. This sounds like it will grow to be a very interesting blog. I particularly like the the linking of today to then. Being a frequent visitor and a partial resident in Europe, I have often wondered why we Americans didn’t grow more as a socially responsible culture after suffering a war on our land. Maybe the lack of spreading the information long ago removed it from the growing American conscience. You see I think Europeans have a better sense of social responsiblity because the trauma of the World Wars crossed all social levels and when peace arrived, people just couldn’t and wouldn’t return to the ignorance of suffering. I look forward to reading about the lesser or possiblly even the first time found, bits of civil war history you seem to be offering us.


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